About Us



Life’s Little Miracles was founded in the spring of 2017 by Deanna Vicks (Jay) out of her own hardships after having a micro-preemie diagnosed with Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR). Her daughter, Ania, was a nicu baby born at 27 weeks gestation weighing a mere 1lb. 8oz and spent two months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This was the most difficult trial the Jay family had ever encountered and although the hospital staff was extremely helpful within their limits, there was little to no support otherwise for the Jays or the other families sharing the NICU space.

The first few days, Ania’s skin was too sensitive for touches, kisses, or clothes. During the remainder of time in the NICU, she wore nothing besides a tiny little diaper because it was difficult to find clothes to fit preemies. Their little bodies have a hard time keeping warm on their own, so without clothes to assist, they are kept in incubators to stay warm.

Parents do not anticipate having a preemie; therefore, it is difficult to find onesies and hats in stores as they do not keep bulk amounts of these items that are harder to sell. In addition to this, many of the mothers of preemies deliver in emergency situations and are not capable of shopping for the tiny infants during the extended recovery time of a C-section. Shopping is also not a priority when most of the day is spent in the hospital in a state of worry, pain, and fear of losing the little miracle. This is where Life’s Little Miracles comes in.


Products and Support

Initially, this program extended services primarily to NICUs; however, after noticing that many newborn infants in other circumstances need assistance as well, the program has expanded and is taking on a new life of its own. Life’s Little Miracles' products include donated and purchased items such as diapers, blankets, care items, a baby hat, shirt, onesie, and nursing items for the new mothers. The products also include helpful information and resources related to the preemie journey in the NICU and beyond, coupons and samples from our corporate sponsors, as well as a descriptive Life’s Little Miracles, Corp. contact information letter in the event that the families need additional support.

These products are complimentary and delivered to the NICUs, shelters, or other facilities for disbursement. Although given away for free, Life’s Little Miracles operates mostly on a “Pay it forward” structure to help fund our cause and reach more families in need; therefore, we greatly appreciate their willingness to consider making a donation upon receipt of their products if they are able to do so.

Note: parents of multiple preemies receive products to reflect their family’s circumstances. These goods may also serve as a bereavement donation of items of remembrance to grieving families that suffer a loss.